Red Kap PC44 Plain Front Cotton Pant

Red Kap PC44 Plain Front Cotton Pant

  • 7.5 oz Twill
  • 100% Cotton with Mechanical Stretch
  • Home Wash or Light Soil Wash
  • Brass zipper and button closure
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The Red Kap PC44 Plain Front Cotton Pant is not only stylish, it is also tough. These pants have been made with the hard working individual in mind. There is nothing worse than having a pair of pants fall apart on you after only having worn them a handful of times. With the Red Kap PC44 Plain Front Cotton Pant there is no need to worry about that happening! These pants have been constructed from the highest quality materials, ensuring a long-lasting and durable workwear clothing item. Here at Minnesota Workwear we offer the lowest prices on all Red Kap apparel. Whether you are looking for clothes for work or for home, we have got it all. We even offer flat rate shipping for just $7.95. Spend over $100 dollars and your order ships for free!

  • 7.5 oz Twill. 100% Cotton with Mechanical Stretch
  • Home Wash or Light Soil Wash
  • Brass zipper and button closure
  • Slack style front pockets
  • Set-in hip pockets
  • Continuous one-piece folder set waistband
  • Updated fit
  • Premium Soft Hand Cotton
  • Mechanical Stretch for Comfort

Sizes/More Info

Size 29 30 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
36 UNF                
37 UNF              

       Upcharges Apply          Black Only

Lot Color Sizes
PC44BK Black 28-50
PC44KH Khaki 28-50
PC44NV Navy 28-50

Additional Details

Whether the job's easy or hard, indoors or outdoors, or in sweltering hot or blistering cold temperatures, you need pants that fit the work and environment. Instead of one brand or style, MinnesotaWorkwear carries a wide selection of work pants including denim jeans in a variety of fabric thicknesses and styles to handle any wear and tear you throw at them. For example, our carpenter jeans are triple-stitched to prevent tearing from repeated kneeling and bending. Our carpenter jeans, as well as our loggers, feature durable double knees to prevent wear from rough surface contact.

For those who work hard, has hard working, durable pants to help you get the job done. No matter your profession, we have the work pants you need, from indoor medical, retail, and academic professions to outdoor yard work, construction and welding. We have a variety of styles, materials, and colors to ensure that you find exactly what you need. We have work pants that have safety features, some that are waterproof, breathable pants that keep you warm or cool, some with reinforced knees, some with storage features, and others with visibility options.

Whether you're crunching numbers in the office, transporting shipments in a warehouse, or working construction on the steel frame of a new skyscraper, wearing the right work pants matters. When you wear the right work pants, office chairs become more comfortable, extreme outdoor temperatures become more bearable, and injury to your legs becomes less likely. We carry pants that are perfect for everything from tough outdoor jobs to jobs that require you to sit for extended periods, so feel free to browse our vast selection so that you can find which pants work for you.

Work pants are a necessity for just about any type of job. You cannot wear just any pants when you work outdoors or in a warehouse. You want to wear work pants that are comfortable, sturdy, and durable. You don't need expensive pants to wear to work. You need pants that you do not mind getting dirty or ripped, so it is best to keep these pants separate from your regular pants that you wear at home or out socializing.

Red Kap has been a leader in workwear since 1923, and its clothing has been the first choice for people who work longer and harder to get the job done right. Our workwear is designed for people who do the work everyday. Whether you need comfort or durability, be assured that we have the right clothing that you need. Your garments can be customized with logos, reflective striping and embroidery. We have the right workwear for both men and women. Great service, durability and comfort are hallmarks of Red Kap. You can be certain that everything is done right here.

There are only two different types of workers; those that simply wait for the time clock to sound so that they can punch out, and those who will not quit until the job is done. Red Kap models its work ethic in clothing manufacturing after the latter, and they like to believe that they design and make their work apparel for those same hard working individuals. As the leading manufacturer of industrial work clothes in the world, the company has established a stellar reputation of making quality work clothes that look good and feel even better.

Red Kap work wear is a division of V.F. Imagewear, and is the largest manufacturer of work apparel in the world. The company has built its stellar reputation on producing quality products that are both comfortable and dependable. These attractive yet durable work clothes are worn by millions of be people each day. Red Kap continues to set the standard in work apparel industry. They are not only known for its durability, but also of their large selection of sizes, styles and colors. Red Kap stands on the principle that hard workers deserve exceptional quality, and they go out of their way to deliver every time.

Red Kap is a brand of clothing that many professionals use at a variety of different jobs. Instead of being limited to only one type of clothing item such as shirts or hats, they focus on shirts, pants, aprons, hats, clothing for a chef, and much more. This just goes to show that Red Kap encompasses different areas of expertise for those who enjoy the clothing the brand creates. Red Kap has been a major competitor in the clothing industry since the nineteen twenties giving it almost a century of business experience. This is easily seen with the high quality blends of polyester and cotton that comprises many of the company's clothing items.

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Red Kap PC44 Plain Front Cotton Pant
  • 7.5 oz Twill
  • 100% Cotton with Mechanical Stretch
  • Home Wash or Light Soil Wash
  • Brass zipper and button closure

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