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Red Kap History

 A tradition of excellence

It all began in 1923 with bib overalls for men and boys. The founders liked the name of a local tobacco company, Red Cap, and asked if they could use this for their work clothes line. There was an agreement, but with one twist, the name couldn't be spelled exactly the same. Thus the successful lore of the "K" began and Red Kap took off.

The tradition of manufacturing held on through the Great Depression. These were tough times, but Red Kap survived and developed into a stronger company.

In 1938 Red Kap began to shift focus to new markets. Product innovation led to the first industrial strength high quality, high durability shirt and pant.

World War II shifted Red Kap's priorities. Red Kap helped in the war efforts with Government contracts for the Army and Navy. Red Kap grew, but was also a critical supplier of the war efforts.

The Red-E-Service (Imagine It) concept was introduced in 1976 and the world of customization would never be the same. Red Kap cold modify garments to fit the tastes and needs of any end user.

In the 1990's, the work force and the apparel they wore began to change. The were less "dirty" jobs and more service oriented roles. There were less dress and more casual apparel. There were more demands for comfort, not just durability and functionality. Red Kap was there to support the changing times.

The new century is well upon us and Red Kap and Minnesota Workwear continue to position themselves in the forefront of technology and service. Check out the new products from the past few years and you'll see that Red Kap continues to be the authentic brand of work apparel that is the  market leader in innovative products.

Minnesota Workwear will continue to be the leader in bringing you this superior product.


Red Kap thru the years......

Red Kap Overalls Red Kap Overalls Red Kap Work Uniforms
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Red Kap Red Kap Workwear Red Kap
Red Cap Chewing Tobacco inspired the company to change its name to Red Kap in 1927 .

Red Cap Chewing Tobacco inspired the company to change its name to Red Kap in 1927

Red Kap Red Kap Imagewear Red Kap Bibs
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Red Kap Work Wear Red Kap Workwear Red Kap Uniforms
. Downtown Nashville in the 1930s Downtown Nashville in the 1930s