Red Kap Work Shirts

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Red Kap Work Shirts 

Red Kap Work Shirts

Red Kap Work Shirts

Red Kap Work Shirts

Red Kap Work Shirts are the ideal workwear apparel to make you look good while working hard!  These shirts have been designed with durability in mind, made to stand up against even the harshest working conditions.  They are an easy care item, made out of wrinkle resistant cotton, industrial wash, and with an easy-care finish.  Even the longest working day will be experienced in comfort as these shirts come in numerous styles, fits, colors, and sizes.  These shirts have been designed with you in mind as you will find these work shirts come in tall/long lengths and sizes all the way up to 6XL.

Red Workshirts Come in Numerous Styles:

·         Industrial work shirt

·         Performance tech shirt

·         Security shirt

·         Motorsports shirt

·         And much more!

Red Kap makes a shirt that provides comfort when working even the longest day and still makes you look great. Durable and long lasting Red Kap workshirts offer both economy and style. From construction to food service, maintenance to manufacturing, Red Kap has designed their workwear items with you in mind!  These work shirts are made to last long and continue to look good even in the toughest conditions. Wash after wash you will find your work shirts still look like new.

Get Your Perfect Red Kap Work Shirt!

If you are looking for Red Kap Work shirts then you have come to the right place. Chosen because of their durability, comfort and long lasting great looks, Red Kap shirts will stand up to the harshest conditions. Minnesota Workwear has been a leading distributor of Red Kap shirts for many years. Whether you are looking for the popular sp24 shirt or a more modern stylish work shirt we have them here! By ordering with us you are ensuring you get the biggest selection at the best prices. We offer fast shipping and great customer service.

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