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  • Red Kap Work Shirts

    Red Kap work shirts are worn by more American workers than any other shirt made. All Red Kap work shirts are offered in a long or short sleeve options. Red Kap has a work shirt designed to fit the needs of your industry.

    Red Kap Work Shirts
  • Red Kap Polos

    Red Kap polos are a great way for workers to be both professional and comfortable. The polos were created in different materials to fit any employees’ preference. Red Kap polos are versatile for in or out of the office wear.

    Red Kap Polos
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Showing 1 - 12 of 92 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 92 items

Red Kap Shirts

Red Kap Shirts are the highest quality and most durably work shirts of today. These shirts will make you look great when you are getting the job done right!  They come in numerous styles, colors, and materials to fit every occasion and your own unique style.  You will find these shirts come in cottons, blends, performance polyester and more. While made strong enough for work these shirts are made to look stylish enough for casual wear.  You will find yourself sporting Red Kap shirt for every occasion.

Red Kap Shirts are perfect for all occasions, such as:

  • Working conditions
  • Around the house
  • Weekend wear
  • Special/formal occasions
  • And much more!

Called the “working work shirts” Red Kap Shirts are known for being durable, inexpensive and long lasting. Available in the widest variety of sizes, styles and colors of any work shirts, these shirts are made to fit your every need. These shirts work for you, as they are durable enough to wear in the harshest conditions, but are versatile enough to wear going out on the weekends.  Red Kap also offers tall/long sizing in these shirts and you will find a wide range of sizes going all the way up to a 6XL.

Red Kap Work Shirts, The Most Durable Workwear Brand

Red Kap Shirts are used by many industrial laundries because they hold up better than any other brand on the market. We are able to ship almost all of our Red Kap Shirts in 24 hours or less. Minnesota Workwear is a leading distributor of Red Kap and has consistently offered the lowest prices in the country. If you need a uniform shirts fast, just give Minnesota Workear a call to get your work shirts delivered faster than anyone else. We carry every shirt Red Kap makes. That means we carry every size, every color, and every style, including the popular SP24 Shirt. There are more size and color options of Red Kap shirts than any other work shirt.