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Chef Designs Wear Aprons

Chef Designs Wear aprons – an apron for every occasion

Chef Designs Wear aprons come in a wide variety of colors and styles to fit your needs. All of the aprons are soil resistant, and constructed to last through the wear and tear of everyday work. When purchasing an apron made by Chef Design Wear, you can be sure to find in them the following qualities:

  • Functionality – First and foremost, an apron must suit the purpose for which it is used. A server might find freedom of movement, a roomy pocket, and the prevention of spatters indispensable. Someone working in a beverage preparation area, however, may require superior coverage and moisture wicking fabric. Chef Design Wear aprons come in a wide selection of styles designed to suit the unique requirements of a variety of tasks.
  • Stylishness – The most practical apron could still be a poor choice if it does not represent to your customers that you are serious about your work. At an upscale event, a formal apron can impress on your clientele that you are a professional both in your presentation as well as in your skilled labor. Chef Design Wear provides aprons in a wide range of refinement, from your basic full length bib, to your chic striped bistro, to your formal tuxedo varieties.
  • Durability – An apron can have correct function and style, but still be worthless if it is unable to hold up to the rigors of the job. A good quality apron should be stain resistant, and be of such construction that it does not wear or fray quickly, even after multiple washes. Chef Designs Wear aprons offer such features as soil release, and industrial washable materials. Various material blends make them wrinkle resistant for easy laundering.

For home and work, Chef Design Wear aprons are there.

Whether you are hosting a back yard barbecue for your family reunion, or catering at a wedding, Chef Designs Wear has the right apron for you. At MinnesotaWorkwear.com we strive to provide you with a wide selection in which you will find the perfect apron for your unique needs.