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I purchased these jeans for my husband, he works on a large agricultural farm and they had these as ...
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Very happy with service and fast shipping....I like the Red Kap brand workwear
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Butcher Coats 

Chef Designs Wear Butcher Coats

Chef Designs Wear Butcher Coats – When Cleanliness is Most Needed

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as the saying goes. If this is the case, then a good butcher coat is a fist step in the journey toward divinity. In a job that can be quite detrimental to ones attire, Chef Designs Wear butcher coats are made with protection in mind. These coats offer generous coverage, protecting ones outer clothes from all manner of spills, splatters, and stains.

Chef Designs Wear has created a wide variety of butcher coats. Each of these styles have their own unique variations. Some of these variations include:

  • Coat length – Full body length, or short, shirt length styles are available.
  • Pockets – Depending on which style you choose, you can have one, two, three, or none.
  • Fasteners – Grippers are the most common fasteners, followed by snaps, and lastly, tie closure.
  • Color – butcher frocks and wraps come in a variety of alternate colors including tan, red, and shades of blue.

Chef Designs Wear Butcher Coats – Master the Mess
For all of their variations and unique qualities, there are some ways in which Chef Designs Wear butcher coats are the same. All of the butcher coats are made with soil-release materials for easy cleanup. All are constructed with durability in mind, and most have been designed to stand up to industrial wash. All are made of Polyester or Polyester blends, offering superior comfort throughout the work day. These coats are tough enough to last through the rigors of everyday work and wash, yet comfortable so that you are not distracted by a stiff, coarse, irksome garment.

MinnesotaWorkwear.com specializes in workwear clothing tailored to your unique needs. The brands we carry provide functional, stylish, and durable clothing suitable for industrial or home use. At Minnesota Workwear.com, we offer a wide selection of garments, ensuring you will find the butcher coat that is right for you.