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Review By richard,
Great price, great product and the fastest shipping ever!
Review By richard,
Great price, great product and the fastest shipping ever!
Review By Bill Starczewski,
Great products and service
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Walls Hi-Visibility 

  • $17.95 In Stock

    Polyester Mesh Shell ANSI II Compliant & Certified Reflective Tape Across Shoulders & Around Waist Hook n' Loop Front Closure Interior Front Pockets Bound Edges at Armhole, Front & Hem High Visibility in all Terrain

  • $23.95 In Stock

    Durable Woven Polyester Shell ANSI II Compliant & Certified Contrasting Panel Underneath Reflective Tape Reflective Tape Across Shoulders Zipper Front Closure Lower Left Front Pocket Right Interior Front Pocket Contrasting Binding on Armholes, Neckline & Hem High Visibility in all Terrain

  • $23.68 In Stock

    ANSI II compliant and certified Reflective tape set across shoulders and around waist Hook-n-loop front closure High visibility in all conditions 100% polyester mesh shell

  • $59.99 In Stock

    Zip fly, Adjustable bib straps 5-piece pocket bib Durable zip closure and flap closure pocket entry 2 front swing pockets, 2 patch hip pockets Ruler & pliers pockets, and twisted hammer loop Signature Liberty® Green accents Hi-Vis reflective tape on legs, across front, and down back 11.5 oz. rigid denim in 100% cotton

Walls Hi-Visibility

Get Noticed in Walls Hi Visibility Workwear!

Everybody wants to be “noticed” in life, and Walls Hi Visibility attire helps you get noticed at moments when doing so actually could save your life. Whether you work on an oil rig, a tarmac or a construction site, “being seen” matters. Your very safety depends on other people seeing you, and the same goes for any person you supervise!

We are so passionate about the value of Walls Hi Visibility workwear, that we ask you to consider these vital points:

  • The Walls name has been stitched onto reliable workwear since 1938
  • This brand’s parent company also owns Dickies
  • You can search high and low and not find a better-quality, competing garment
  • This manufacturer stands behind every fiber of every garment it produces
  • You have to be visible to be seen

Safe work sites exist because their decision makers do what it takes to make them safe. One step you can take to protect your employees from potential safety hazards at work is to help them become more visible in dangerous settings. Accidents do happen, but we must do what we can to avoid them! Each worker you have under you is part of your work family. Walls can help you protect every one of those workers as you would your loved ones.

Buy Your Walls Hi Visibility Workwear Right Here!

In recent decades, we have established Minnesota Workwear as the top name in durable work-apparel retail. Nobody online beats our workwear selection. Our buyers know which pieces of durable clothing make sense for our hard-working customers to wear to their jobs. You and your employees need quality “hi-viz” gear so you can “stick around” to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. Order from us today, and we will ship your reliable Walls items to you in a timely fashion. After all, we know the importance of making your job site safer sooner!