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Review By Susanne McCullough,
Have ordered a few times from MN work wear and had great experiences. The latest order had a paypal ...
Review By Alvin Browning,
delivery was fast, pants are a great fit.
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Review By Mark Schoenberg,
I ordered on 6/10 and It took 6 days for you to ship my order. it should be here by the 6/21. I like ...
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Key Jeans & Dungarees 

Key Jeans & Dungarees

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Key Jeans Dungarees

The keys to a good pair of work pants are reliability and durability, and Key jeans dungarees offers both of those keys in abundance! When you buy jeans and dungarees with the Key name stitched onto them, you purchase a pair of pants that will last in tough conditions. On rigs, on farms and on all sorts of work sites, jeans and dungarees by Key have what it takes to do the job right.

This brand of workwear was:

  • Born in the hardworking American Midwest
  • Established over 100 years ago
  • Always built for difficult work in all kinds of weather

Key’s heritage of workwear that withstands the elements and helps its wearers get their work done in comfort has won it devoted fans who swear by the brand’s durable apparel to this day.

The Key jeans dungarees that we sell can be worn for outdoor work any time of year. You can choose pants with pockets and lots of convenient spots to place your tools, or you can pick pants with styling versatile enough for a fun time on a Saturday night. No matter the pair of Key jeans or dungarees you choose, count on your new pants to play a key role in getting your job done comfortably for many moons to come.

Order Your Key Jeans Dungarees from Us Today

The sooner you order your new pairs of Key work pants, the sooner you can wear them to work and put them through their paces. You already know that Key makes jeans and dungarees that will survive those paces. Now, you only need to place your order. Within days, your new, reliable work pants will arrive at your door. Thank you for shopping with Minnesota Workwear. We will make you glad you did!