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I purchased these jeans for my husband, he works on a large agricultural farm and they had these as ...
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Very happy with service and fast shipping....I like the Red Kap brand workwear
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Shirts were perfect and ones we wanted. Thank you for your customer service

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Bulwark FR Outerwear 

Bulwark FR Outwear

Bulwark FR outerwear clothing is designed for use in conditions where flame resistant clothing is important. These sorts of conditions might include firefighting, welding, logging, plumbing, electrical work, and construction. The Bulwark FR clothing line is broad and carries, pants, shirts, hats, sweatshirts, outerwear, coveralls, and lab coats. These different products are also available in a variety of weights, making them useful in a variety of different climates. For example, Bulwark FR hats range from balaclavas and knit caps for winter work to bandanas which might be useful in warmer circumstances. A staple Bulwark FR item is the coverall. Bulwark FR makes a variety of coveralls (all available through Minnesota Workwear). Some coveralls have bright, relfective stripes to increase visibility. The coveralls are available for retail in a variety of different colors. This may be valuable for companies that ‘color-code’ their employees with different ranks of employees wearing different colors. A key ingredient in the flame resistance of Bulwark FR clothing is the material Nomex. Nomex came on to the market in the late 1960′s, and it is still the standard for flame-resistant fabric today. For example, Bulwark offers nomex laboratory coats, which help keep scientists safe when working with flammable chemicals.

Bulwark FR outwear clothing comes with numerous features, including:

  • flame resistant clothing
  • broad selection
  • available for winter and summer use
  • items available with reflective strips to increase visibility
  • items available in many color combinations
  • Nomex material is present in many products

Bulwark FR Outerwear

Bulwark FR has invested in developing a line of outerwear for use in outdoor conditions where fire is a possibility. these products uniformly are bright colored and contain reflective stripes. These two features increase visibility, particularly at night. The outerwear line also has the added bonus of offering rain-proof gear, which keeps the user dry and safe at the same time!

  • available in high visibility colors with reflective stripes
  • rain proof coats available
  • keeps user safe
  • keeps user dry