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Review By Treina Norris,
I purchased these jeans for my husband, he works on a large agricultural farm and they had these as ...
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Review By Steven Metzger,
Very happy with service and fast shipping....I like the Red Kap brand workwear
Review By Martha Suttmeier,
Shirts were perfect and ones we wanted. Thank you for your customer service

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Bulwark FR Clothing 

  • Bulwark FR Shirts
    Bulwark FR Shirts

    Bulwark shirts are the answer to safety and comfort throughout your workday. The flame-resistant Bulwark shirts come in a variety of styles including short sleeve, long sleeve, henley, button up and more.

    Check out our sizing videos to learn how to measure your chest, sleeves, and neck. Taking the time to size your clothes properly will ensure a perfect fit!

    Bulwark Shirts
  • Bulwark FR Pants
    Bulwark FR Pants

    Bulwark flame-resistant pants are durable and made to last. These Bulwark FR pants come in different styles and are made from different fabrics to suit all your work needs. Watch our video on proper waist measurement to be certain of a perfect fit!

    Bulwark FR Pants
  • Bulwark FR Outerwear
    Bulwark FR Outerwear

    Bulwark outerwear is the highest quality flame-resistant apparel and in different styles such as vests, jackets and parkas. Some of the styles are made with layers to make the FR outerwear versatile for different climates.

    Bulwark Outerwear
  • Bulwark Bib Overalls
    Bulwark Bib Overalls

    Bulwark FR Bib Overalls are designed provide you with the extra protection needed on the job. With each pair of Bulwark FR bib overalls having unique features, you are sure to find a pair to fit your job needs.

    Bulwark FR Bib Overalls
  • Bulwark Coveralls
    Bulwark Coveralls

    Bulwark FR Coveralls provides full body protection to those in need. Bulwark FR workwear come in multiple styles and offer diverse features to make your work day easy. Our FR workwear put wearers at ease with the comfort and safety it provides.

    Bulwark FR Coveralls
  • Bulwark FR High Visibility and FR Rainwear
    Bulwark FR High...

    Bulwark high-visibility and rainwear were recently added to their fire-resistant clothing line. This line by Bulwark keeps workers safe from fire while keeping them dry.

    Bulwark High-Visibility & Rainwear
  • Bulwark FR Sweatshirts
    Bulwark FR Sweatshirts

    Bulwark FR sweatshirts are created for protection and comfort. The fire-resistant sweatshirts are available in a crewneck and hooded style to provide you with the extra safety you deserve while working.

    Bulwark FR Sweatshirts
  • Bulwark FR Accessories
    Bulwark FR Accessories

    Bulwark accessories such as bandanas, hoods, caps and more are created to provide flame-resistant protection to your most valuable part of your body. Bulwark has created an assortment of accessories to fit the needs of any job.

    Bulwark Accessories
  • Bulwark FR Lab Coats
    Bulwark FR Lab Coats

    Bulwark FR lab coats fit all of your needs. The Bulwark line of FR lab coats provides the protection of a lab coat along with the fire-resistant material for added safety.

    Bulwark FR Lab Coats

Bulwark FR Clothing

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Learn what makes Bulwark a unique and industry-leading garment maker by watching our videos. You can learn about our unique design features and get tips on how to properly wear your FR gear.


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