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Red Kap Work Clothing 

  • Red Kap Pants
    Red Kap Pants

    Red Kap pants come in a variety of styles from work pants to dress pants to jeans for men and women. With Red Kap creating durable and comfortable pants for any industry, you can’t go wrong when you choose Red Kap pants.

    Red Kap Pants
  • Red Kap Shirts
    Red Kap Shirts

    Red Kap shirts are the most popular work shirts in the world. Red Kap makes shirts for whatever work you do. We carry every shirt Red Kap makes.

    Red Kap Shirts
  • Red Kap Shorts
    Red Kap Shorts

    Red Kap shorts are sturdy and provide comfort throughout the workday. These shorts come in colors and styles to fit your workplace environment. The comfort of Red Kap shorts will make you want to wear them off the job as well.

    Red Kap Shorts
  • Red Kap Jackets
    Red Kap Jackets

    Red Kap jackets are designed by those that work hard like you do. Over 90 years of innovation and quality goes into every jacket Red Kap makes.

    RedKap Jackets
  • Red Kap Coveralls
    Red Kap Coveralls

    Red Kap coveralls are the standard when it comes to your work uniform. Quality and durability you will not find in other mens coveralls.

    RedKap Coveralls
  • Red Kap Automotive Apparel
    Red Kap Automotive...

    What's the secret behind Red Kap performance workwear? Simple. Their design team spends tons of quality time in the same place you do—the garage. It's where the best ideas are born. Where working prototypes are tested, fine-tuned, then tested again.

    The result? Top-grade uniforms that any serious gearhead can actually feel good about wearing. Comfortable, long-lasting favorites that stand up to hard days, greasy nights and everything in between. After all, it's built from the same stuff you are.

    Red Kap. Automotive Done Right.

    RedKap Automotive
  • Red Kap High Visibility Clothing
    Red Kap High...

    Red Kap offers high-visibility clothing for the serious worker who needs to be seen. Red Kap offers real protection and comfort in all the high visibility clothing you need.

    RedKap Hi-Visibility
  • Red Kap Womens Wear
    Red Kap Womens Wear

    Red Kap Women's Work Clothes are tough yet comfortable to wear all day long. Red Kap women's work cloths are is designed to be durable while still giving you a professional look.

    RedKap Women's
  • Red Kap Bib Overalls
    Red Kap Bib Overalls

    Red Kap bib overalls have the strength and durability to be worn for any job! Whether you need denim bib overalls or insulated bib overalls, Red Kap has the quality you have come to expect.

    RedKap Bib Overalls
  • Red Kap Housekeeping
    Red Kap Housekeeping

    The Red Kap Housekeeping Uniform is built tough to provide comfortable long lasting service at an unbeatable price.

    RedKap Housekeeping
  • Red Kap Lab Coats
    Red Kap Lab Coats

    Red Kap Lab Coats are great for the heathcare industry, research, education or the food processing industry. The Red Kap lab coats give employees comfort and durability throughout the day.

    RedKap Lab Coats
  • Red Kap Aprons
    Red Kap Aprons

    Red Kap Aprons have got you covered. We have you covered in whatever style or size apron you need.  You don't take shortcuts and neither do the aprons from Red Kap.

    RedKap Aprons
  • Red Kap Banquet Clothing
    Red Kap Banquet Clothing

    Red Kap Banquet Clothing was created to be worn by servers, bartenders, and other banquet personnel. With skirts and blouses for women and dress banquet shirts and vests for men, Red Kap banquet clothing is a versatile choice to fit your needs.

    RedKap Banquet Clothing
  • Red Kap Construction Wear
    Red Kap Construction Wear

    Red Kap Construction Wear

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Red Kap Industries, a division of V.F. Workwear, is one of the largest manufacturer of work clothing for men and women. Since 1923, Red Kap has set the standard for creating a selection of high-quality, durable and attractive professional work clothes for the uniform industry. Red Kap continues to meet the needs of todays industries, manufacturing industrial work clothes with comfort, durability and the largest selection of styles and sizes. With many products made with Red Kap Touchtex technology and soil release fabric as seen on www redkap com. Red Kap understands that hard work deserves high quality. That is why Red Kap is the only choice for work clothes and quality uniforms.

MinnesotaWorkwear is a leading wholesaler of Red Kap work clothes and uniforms. We carry the entire Red Kap line of products. Work shirts, pants, jeans, coveralls, bib overalls, shorts, jackets, aprons, and much more. We have uniforms to outfit most any industry. Nearly all our Red Kap uniforms ship out within 24 hours. We provide the lowest prices you will find on the best work uniforms in the country.